Managed Services

DGL Computer Services can provide your NJ/NY business or organization with Managed IT Services including System Monitoring, Online Backups, Anti-Virus, Web Protection, and Patch Management.

What are Managed Services?

Managed Services is a contractual agreement whereby DGL has the ability to proactively monitor and manage a network asset or object on behalf of its customer(s). By remotely monitoring critical system functions it is possible to address system (Server or Workstation) problems before they negatively impact your network and its performance. This is a contract service and is available in several forms; please contact DGL for more information.



How do Managed Services Work?

When you sign up for Managed Services, DGL will install a software system on your network called the RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management). We use this to remotely track critical system functions in Windows or OSX. When an anomaly occurs, the system notifies us via email and text. We then login remotely to repair and restore your system.

Managed Remote Monitoring

Get the peace of mind knowing that your network and computer systems are being monitored 24/7. When an issue happens, DGL is notified immediately. We will use remote login to access your network and fix the problem.

Optional Managed Services

In addition to System Monitoring DGL offers several optional managed services. Providing these services to you remotely eliminates the need for a technician on-site 24/7. The result is all the benefits of 24/7 IT Service without the cost.


  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • 49-Point System Function Checks
  • Automatic System Checks every 15/30/60 minutes
  • Instant Email/Text alerts
  • Remote login access
  • Available for Windows and OSX
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Managed Online Backup

Your business’s data is often more valuable than the equipment it’s stored on. Rest assured knowing that your sensitive data is constantly backed up remotely to the cloud. Having your data protected in an off-site location is a data-redundancy best-practice.

Managed Anti-Virus

Virus Protection is only effective when it’s implemented properly, constantly updated, and continuously scanning. Managed Virus Protection will keep your network and computer system safe and secure with daily safety checks, updates, and removal tools.

Managed Web Protection

The most common cause of viruses, malware, and spyware is visiting unsafe websites. It’s very easy to infect your computer system by accidentally clicking on an Ad. Managed Web Protection runs constantly to alert you when you visit an unsafe and block the threat.

Managed Patch Management

Keeping your computer system and network updated is critical to system security. However just because an update patch is available, doesn’t mean it will work properly. DGL’s Managed Patch Management tests update patches first before installing them.

DGL Managed Services System Checks

Server Workstation
Daily Safety Checks AntiVirus Check
Backup Check
Critical Events Check – Application Log
Critical Events Check – Security Log
Critical Events Check – System Log
Drive Space Change Check(s)
Hacker Check
Physical Disk Health Check
24X7 Checks Disk Space Check(s)
Performance – Memory Usage
Performance – Physical Disk Total
Performance – Processor Queue Length
Performance – Processor utilization
Physical Disk Health Check
Active Directory Domain Services
Backup Service Controller
DCOM Server Process Launcher
Distributed Transaction Coordinator
DNS Client
DNS Server
Group Policy Client
IIS Admin Services
MS Exchange Active Directory
MS Exchange Anti-Spam Update
MS Exchange EdgeSynch
MS Exchange File Distribution
MS Exchange Information Store
MS Exchange Mail Submission
MS Exchange Replication
MS Exchange Search Indexer
MS Exchange Service Host
MS Exchange System Attendant
MS Exchange Transport
MS Exchange Transport Log Search
Print Spooler
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
SQL Server VSS Writer
System Event Notification Services
Task Scheduler
Windows Event Log
Windows Management Instrumentation
Windows Time
Windows Update
Windows Workstation
World Wide Web Publishing Service

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