Power Management

DGL Computer Services can provide your NJ/NY business or organization with Power Management Services including Power Protection, Surge Protection & Voltage Regulation.

Power Protection

An interruption of power to your system, whether it is instantaneous, momentary, temporary, or sustained, can cause disruption, damage, and downtime. The small business computer user could lose valuable data when information is corrupted from loss of power to their equipment.

Solutions to help against interruptions vary, both in effectiveness and cost. The first effort should go into eliminating or reducing the likelihood of potential problems. Good design and maintenance of utility systems are, of course, essential. This also applies to the industrial customer’s system design, which is often as extensive and vulnerable as the utility system.

Once the potential for problems is reduced, additional equipment or design methods are needed to allow the customer’s equipment or process to ride-through (remain at constant operation during power quality disturbances), or to restart after (and during) unavoidable interruptions. The most common mitigating devices employed are the uninterruptible power supply (UPS), motor generator, and the use of system design techniques that take advantage of redundant systems and energy storage. When the power goes out, these forms of alternative power can take over.

Surge Protection & Voltage Regulation

Under voltages and power surges can create significant problems. From overheating in motors to data errors, degradation of electrical contacts, semiconductor damage in electronics, and insulation degradation, these power issues can lead to system failures.

Power line conditioners, UPS systems, and ferroresonant “control” transformers are common solutions. Having UPS and/or power conditioning devices that also monitor and log incoming power events will help to measure when, and how often, these events occur

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